Monday, February 22, 2010

Andrei Open season on the police and the Tongan cat

Tonga's Cat

Two teenagers were recently sentenced to thirteen years in prison plus six lashes from it.

That sentence is under appeal.

Gee - three cops hospitalized by thugs in as many days.

The first trying to break up a fight between teen aged girls.

Number two in Whangerai, where a drunk driver stopped at a checkpoint bit off a police officers lip .

And the third in Oamaru in similar circumstances, in this case the occupants of the car attacked the officer when he arrested the driver for drink driving.

Inevitably tougher penalties will be called for but I doubt that penalties, no matter how tough, would have much deterrent affect on the low life who are responsible for these assaults.

Not even this ancient one recently revived in Tonga.

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Redbaiter said...

It sounds as if (in the case of the police officer having his lip bitten off), that this was a male female police team.

There may have been a different outcome if it had been two male officers.

The politically correct idea that woman should work as front line police officers is behind this.

They are naturally under strength and unable tio fully back up their male colleagues in an assault situation.

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