Friday, February 12, 2010

Andrei Irony is lost on Chris Carter

This morning DPF posted on a little mishap Chris Carter had last night when he got on the wrong ferry and ended up in the wrong place.

Chris Carter wants to give his point of view and that is how it should be.

But he has never posted a comment on Kiwi Blog before so his comment went into moderation, which it would for any first time commenter. And has since been released.

Outraged he put up a post on Red Alert "Fairness and Mr Farrar" and said
At 11.03am I responded to David, however so far he is refusing to post what I have said. From 11.23am several posters’ comments have gone online, so I am assuming David doesn’t intend to give me a right of reply.
The thing is of course comments, especially from first timers go into moderation all the time on Red Alert.

Not only that but comments not to the taste of the moderators are deleted and commenters banned on a regular basis, including one so far on his own post.

Of course Chris Carter has shot himself in the foot, after posting this the media took an interest, including rehashing incidents which if commented upon on Red Alert would see your comment deleted.

Hey ho

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Lucia Maria said...


Barnsley Bill said...

Somewhere in NZ I just heard an almighty crash as phil goff threw a chair through his 42 inch vulgatron 3000. Did anybody else see Chris Carter step off that ferry on 3 news? Wearing baggy faded jeans, a childs multicoloured singlet and bangles on his wrist coordinated with the baseball cap fashionably placed askew on his mid 50’s head.
Looking tanned and relaxed while the rest of the country was at work (or not)he calmly discussed his relaxing day and waffled some shit.
Is this really the Labour party? All that was missing was a farking skateboard poking out of his cute little backpack.

I can no longer bring myself to Mock Phil Goff, he now has my sympathy.

Inventory2 said...

Chris Carter - Te Atatu's oldest teenager

WAKE UP said...

When will y'all - and Carter himself - GET IT, that any sane person doesn't actually give a shit what Carter says or does - as long as he does it SOMEWHERE ELSE.

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