Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lucia The new conservatism will be Catholic, or at least Christian, or not at all

This blog exists because I believe real conservatism to be rooted in all that is good and true, and could therefore only come from those who are authentically Catholic. And now it looks like I am not the only one that thinks this way.
“This year will mark a great opportunity for conservatives,” said the voice over the radio, by which he meant that one style of politician wholly committed to the cramped secular vision of man would triumph over another style of politician committed to the same thing. Which caused me to consider that any new conservatism in America will be Catholic, or Christian at least, in both its looking forward to the kingdom of God and its gratitude for the gifts of the past, or it will not be at all.
For more on what this new conservatism will look like, read : A new conservatism? ~ Catholic World Report

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