Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lucia Underwhelmed

I really wish government would fund tax cuts by reducing the scope and size of itself rather than just shuffling things around. Only governments have the captive market that allows them to do insanely expensive and stupid things (such as interest free student loans) and then when the money runs out, just raise more taxes.

I would have loved to have seen a raise in the retirement age as part of John Key's speech, even if he had to fire himself afterward. He would go down in NZ political history as a martyr, doing the right thing no matter what the personal consequences to himself.

I voted for National. Not because of their "promises", which amount to very little as they are picking and choosing which "promises" they are going to keep. I voted for them so that Labour wouldn't get another term. I'd say a fair chunk of voters, also really tired with Labour, voted for National for the same reasons. So, getting more of the type of governance when we voted for a different party is really annoying, to say the least.

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KG said...

This month, I reach retirement age and even I was hoping against hope that they'd announce it would be raised. At least that would have been a sign we have serious people in the Beehive.
But they're not. Welfare will roll along- with but minor cosmetic changes- the productive will still be crippled and the bureaucracy will continue to slow down the economy and suck it dry.


It does seem a rearrange the deckchairs on the Titanic exercise.
I see in britain that such Liarbour-lite polices from Dave Cameron are not going down too well with the voters.
The difference between the UK Tories and the most corrupt and incompetent Liarbour regime in history, headed by the useless Brown is now ten points or less, when they should be dozens apart.
Is that because policywise, there is little to seperate them?

Gooner said...

Lucia Maria, please email me (kinda urgently).

(See my latest NM post)

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