Monday, February 8, 2010

Lucia Death and Eternal Life and Faith

Today my book on Eschatology: Death and Eternal Life arrived from Amazon. I look forward to reading it, and hope I don't get too distracted by The Catholic Church Through the Ages, which looks seriously good as well.

I mention these books, in light of those who may be waiting patiently for the conversation on Hell and eternal suffering to move forward in due course.

I will eventually write something, but I do need to do a bit more reading first. To be more convincing, I suppose, as I am already convinced that eternal suffering in Hell is true. I am convinced, because the Church (ie the Magisterium of the Church) tells me so. I was converted back to the Faith by a conversion to the Church. Most specifically my realisation that if the Catholic Church was not true, nothing was. Absolutely nothing.

So, for anyone that wants to convince me that eternal suffering in Hell is not true, then you must first convince me that the Catholic Chruch is false, and if you succeed in that you will destroy my faith in everthing. (Not much chance of that happening, but I thought laying the whole thing out was worthwhile).

So, onto the book ...

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