Friday, February 5, 2010

ZenTiger The cause of Global Warming revealed

On TBR: "A groundbreaking study of sea levels on the Israeli coast has revealed dramatic ups and downs repeatedly over the past 2,500 years." Seems the Mediterranean has been up and down by several metres more often than Al Gore at an award ceremony.

And yet we are told that Global Warming is going to cause the sea levels to rise by 2 centimetres or more.

That's nothing.

Tax levels are also predicted to rise by unprecedented amounts due to Global Warming.

All countries are expected to sign on, under planetary conditions referred to by scientists as "forcings".

It seems the urban SUV effect has been blamed, although a few studies suggest that there is a direct relationship between man-made Nobel peace prizes and a species of human called "fat cats".

I might add that the science is well settled on these predictions.

We may need to form a huge bureaucratic entity and then engage in speculative trade on the economic activity of a country. The more active, the greater the tax rate required to offset the disaster.

At least that was the theory offered to the masses. In a recent twist, it now seems like the cure has been identified as the actual problem.

Would my peers like to review this assessment?

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