Thursday, February 18, 2010

Andrei The next "civil rights" battle - gay divorce

The gay marriage debacle continues.

In Texas two women who rushed off to Massachusetts to get married and then adopted a little boy now want a divorce in Texas.

The judge granted it but the Lone Star State's Attorney General has intervened saying that Texas law states marriage is between one man and one woman.

The thing these bold pioneers don't get is the hostility to surrendering marriage to breve new interpretations arises from the fundamental concept that the family is about the procreation and raising of children, something best done by their biological parents.

Now if you wish to raise a family surely the best thing to do is to find a like minded partner of the opposite sex and set to it in the time honored manner.

No need for petri dishes, surrogate mothers and complex legal squabbles that go along with "non traditional" families.

And if marrying an opposite sex partner is too abhorrent - well perhaps family life involving children is not for you, its not for everyone, there are prices to be paid and compromises to be made.

Biologically we are made a certain way and human institutions such as marriage until very recently were based upon this.

And while you can change laws you cannot change biology.

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