Saturday, February 27, 2010

Andrei The great condom hoax

You probably read about how the Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research supplied the Winter Olympics with 100,000 condoms, possibly guffawed when you figured out or read thats 14 condoms per Athlete and Official.

And they have all gone apparently so the Canadian Aids Research people have organized an emergency shipment.

Well there is no way in the universe that these condoms have been put to use, for this number to have been used by this amount of people would have required 28 couplings per individual, work it out. Absurd.

No the whole thing is a publicity stunt designed to promote condoms and cheapen sex.

Condoms are somewhat repellent items which reduce intimacy, and degrade sex into a mechanical action.

This is why they are promoted so vigourously I am sure.

Anyway all those Olympic condoms will have been souvenired most likely - so it goes.

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