Friday, February 12, 2010

Lucia Here's an argument for legalising drugs

It'll make the nation easier to control. A country full of mind-addled addicts isn't going to care too much what the government does. Though, it will mean that our productivity will plummet, so, I suppose a government needs to tread a fine line here.

Good call, Simon Power. Don't soften up on illegal drugs. The cost will be too high.

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Barnsley Bill said...

Lucia, while I agree with your sentiment you are drawing a very long bow. There are many strange activities allowable under the law in this country and many of us don't participate in any of them.

Lucia Maria said...

Sometimes those that can draw the long bow will hit the impossible target that isn't visible to most.


Though, my more immediate objection to liberalising illegal drugs is the direct harm they do to individuals.

Those so called freedom fighters who are all for liberalising drugs should think about the effects that they are fighting for - slavery to drug addiction.

MathewK said...

Here's another drug that we were told had to be legalized because it could be controlled -


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