Sunday, February 7, 2010

Andrei Like this will convince anybody

"I love cats. I love all animals big time. Anyone who knows me knows I love animals,"

Even more surprising to me is this
Gisborne senior constable Pam Mankelow is related to the accused through her ex-husband.

She told Sunday News she couldn't excuse her relative's actions but she could see the incident "from many different sides".

"People that don't live in the area, or don't know the people etc, etc, they all have very different concepts of the whole story," she said.
Well I don't live in the area but I can't imagine very many people, where ever they might live being anything other than appalled by this story.

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KG said...

I love animals too. Not enough to feed kittens to pitbulls though, so I guess there's some way to go before qualifying as a full-fledged animal lover....

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