Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Andrei This could result in gravel rash in places seldom seen

Why is this man in trouble?

Hold your mouse over the image to find out.

You can read his tale of woe here

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Lucia Maria said...

The guy and the Dominion Post are idiots. That picture was on the front page this morning, causing my eldest son to turn it face down so he wouldn't have to look at it while eating breakfast.

I'd like to see how much work he got as a builder turning up for the day without his clothes.


Anonymous said...

I am not quite sure what the big deal is about a person going cycling naked. Unless he is travelling quite slowly, it would be hard to see much, anyway.

Each of us is born with a naked body, and from the moment of birth onwards there is a rush to impose rules on what to wear, not wether to wear or not.

From a recent article in the Melbourne Age -

"The big deal is coming clean about our intentions, accepting that the media only feed us what they think we want, and understanding that when we gorge on the headlines, we swallow an underlying social assumption that equates nakedness with a kind of perversion.

The discussion needs to move beyond tut-tutting about other people's lifestyle choices. Surely we should be analysing our own responses rather than engaging in knee-jerk reactions that equate nudity with titillation."

I have no desire to cycle naked, but would love to be able to indulge in the hot pools of Hanmer without the need for trunks.

I.M Fletcher said...

leftrightout, you're entirely missing the point that humans are built in such a way that naked bodies turn us on (some of them anyway). That is just the way we are made and riding around naked is asking for trouble (especially if it was women).

There is nothing wrong with modesty, and it is safe as well.

Anonymous said...

No, I don't think I have missed the point at all. I guess the turn on must be an evolutionary thing, as we are born naked and our ancestors had no Warehouse or Ballantynes to outfit them.

And that's my point - making a big deal OUT of nudity, makes nudity a big deal, when it is, in fact, our natural state.

Your hat tip to modesty leads you down a dangerous road - what next? Burqas for all women lest you be aroused?

Odd, but I am equally capable of arousal and restraint, but I guess that's my inate moral compass coming to the fore.

I.M Fletcher said...

leftrightout, well good for you, but I am sure you will find that the sight of a naked body is a huge part of the process of lovemaking. There is a reason that nudie magazines are wrapped in plastic and kept on the highest shelf at the bookstore and out of the hands of kids and it's not because of social mores about the naked body.

And people have been wearing clothes since Adam and Eve's figleaves.

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