Friday, February 12, 2010

Andrei Indifference

This is too sad.

A seventeen year old boy has been sentenced to eight months home detention for helping his friend hang himself in a Christchurch park.

The boy who died had been expressing suicidal intentions for weeks before this occurred and had unsuccessfully tried to kill himself the previous night.

And in this sad story it is reported that there were a group of boys present on both occasions all of whom appear to have known that the suicide attempts were going to take place although they don't seem to have hung around for the actual end.

But what I don't get is why none of these boys did anything to try and prevent this tragedy, even if it was just telling a responsible adult of what was going on.

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Lucia Maria said...

This should be a major cause for alarm. It's as if the life of their friend was not worth saving. Maybe the young men involved also don't have a good sense of the value of their own lives.

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