Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Andrei This is not the ACCs core business

We all pay compulsory accident insurance premiums. And we do not have a choice of who provides cover or what we will have covered.

The whole thing is a mess. As an example, I know one company that employs sheet metal workers, they used to be boilermakers but sheet metal workers attract less of a levy than boilermakers apparently, so it goes.

But news out this morning tells of us the Accident Compensation Corporation is hiring out old police radars to people who want to slow down traffic in their area.

Whatever the merits of this as an idea the question I have is why does the ACC have any involvement - they should be concentrating on getting their acturial questions right balancing premiums against payouts.

And given the ACC "blowout" its something they haven't actually got a handle on.

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KG said...

It's a prime example of the fact that when medicine is socialised, then every aspect of our lives becomes the business of the State.
And people wonder why Americans are resisting it....

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