Sunday, February 14, 2010

Andrei No kidding Professor

The BBC actually uses "Climategate" in a headline and states
Phil Jones, the professor behind the "Climategate" affair, has admitted some of his decades-old weather data was not well enough organised. He said this contributed to his refusal to share raw data with critics - a decision he says he regretted.
(H)e agreed that two periods in recent times had experienced similar warming. And he agreed that the debate had not been settled over whether the Medieval Warm Period was warmer than the current period.
Somebody please tell Nick Smith.

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MK said...

The politicians will only get off this bandwagon when it becomes obvious that they'll lose votes if they support the new global taxes.

ryanbiddulph said...

Actually, not 1995. Since the beginning of creation.

Humans are arrogant in overestimating their effect on the environment. Man, dinosaurs, and countless species have inhabited the planet for 100's of millions of years and it's still revolving just fine, thank you.

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