Saturday, February 20, 2010

Andrei Browser Wars

Here's an interesting thing that probably means little in practice.

After the European Competition Commission got onto Microsoft's case over shipping Internet Explorer with its software, Microsoft has agreed to ship an update which offers users of IE the option of choosing another browser.

On offer Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera. All good browsers.

The roll out has begun but on reading the post it seems this update will be confined to the EU.

Internet Explorer in its previous incarnations was a pain because of its idiosyncrasies, some of which were deliberately engineered, I understand, to constrain users to remain with IE.

However IE8 when it isn't running in "compatibility mode" which maintains the old IE oddities is a leading edge browser.

In my opinion it might be Firefox which is the browser looking tired and overdue for a revamp in 2010. It is certainly the one that has caused grief on this site in recent days.

Which just goes to show, in this world you cannot afford to rest on your laurels

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I.M Fletcher said...

The history of Internet Explorer - in comic strip format :)


Ciaron said...

Personally, I try to avoid Microsoft products where possible, but from a consumer POV, I like the idea of bundling all the updates into one package, especially if it reduces conflict issues... but this is Microsoft we're talking about... ;)

I.M Fletcher said...

Oh as far as Microsoft Update goes, I try to stay away from it - it is the seed of evil :)

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