Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Andrei Life in New Zealand 2010

More depressing stuff from NZPA - Pregnant woman beaten for bearing girl.

The fifties were before our time, for most of us anyway, but back then over 90% of the adults were married, and back then divorce was hard to get and rare.

And back then people had lots of children, we are them in many cases, the so called boomers.

We have been led to believe that society was oppressive in the 1950s, that women were trapped in oppressive marriages, often of the so called "shotgun" variety since unwedded motherhood was frowned upon.

But in this so called oppressive society where the constraints upon behavior were culturally imposed in a semi mono-cultural society, one which immigrants apparently adapted to our ways or returned to from whence they came, also had about three murders per annum - we are achieving that per week in our liberated multicultural paradise.

Anyway the gentleman who took to his wife for conceiving a daughter is not from around these parts by the sound of his name, nor is he his wife's first partner, indeed he has stepdaughters, also casualties in this sorry episode.

And you have to wonder if the so called oppressive culture of the fifties was in fact - liberating.

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Boganette said...

Is this post a joke?

Andrei said...

(1) How many widows were murdered in their own homes in New Zealand during the nineteen fifties do you suppose Boganette?

(2) What would have been the consequences for the culprit had such a crime occurred do you suppose?

The answer to (2) depends upon whether National or Labour held the treasury benches in fact but while National held the reins of power the nickname for the consequences of murder most foul was the "meccano set".

But it didn't get used that much - there wasn't that much need for it.

Boganette said...

Not a joke then. Totally thought for a second you weren't using the assault of a woman to spread your message of "liberation" and xenophobia.

Oswald Bastable said...

Not a joke.

Just follow the link.

KG said...

Oswald, Boganette has missed the point by such a wide margin she'll never find her way back. ;)

Boganette said...

Oswald - Read my comment again and you'll see that I have read the article.

KG - I did think this was satire. So maybe I did miss the point in forgetting that there are actually men out there who think this way. I suppose I've been around to many educated men who respect women and don't wish to return to a time when women were essentially without basic rights.

KG said...

"I suppose I've been around to many educated men who respect women .."
Obviously. Although I don't know how many men you've "been around to" and would prefer not to....
Or is it perhaps too many men who have been so cowed by the womb-centric political correctness which rules in NZ to express anything other than the Approved Position?

Nothing in Andrei's post suggested he yearned for such a thing as a time when women were without rights, but then if you spent a few moments discussing the post with one of those educated men they might take the time to point that out to you. :)

Boganette said...

Haha let me know where the educated men are and I'll discuss it with them.

Any guy who begins his argument sniggering about someone leaving off an 'o' is not someone I want to waste time talking to.

And what's with the smiley?

KG said...

"Haha let me know where the educated men are and I'll discuss it with them."

Allow me to quote you:
"I suppose I've been around to many educated men who respect women .."
Lost them, have you?

"And what's with the smiley?"
It's a symbol, used widely in blogs to express amusement.

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