Sunday, February 28, 2010

Andrei The poet, the cook, the tycoon and oarsman

The Sunday Star Times nail their flag to the mast with a "story" supporting Keith Locke's Bill to turn New Zealand into a republic.

No compelling argument is put forward for this change, non what-so-ever just "stars" dragged out to voice their opinion that they support it.

The stars being Bob Jones, Peta Mathias, CK Stead and Rob Hamill.

Well whoop de doo - is this really a good reason to change our Nations constitutional set up? Just because these four support it along with Keith Locke?

The fact that Zimbabwe is a now republic does not fill me with confidence that this is a good move, on the contrary in fact.

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PM of NZ said...

Such stories are required to sell DTP hardcopy these days.

ZenTiger said...

I guess it's the old story that if you have a banana, everything looks like a republic.

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