Monday, February 15, 2010

Lucia John Key and Big Gay Out

If my husband spent a couple of hours on Sunday posing with a man dressed as a woman and gave him that sort of look, I'd be putting my foot down. But, then that's me.

I'm really wondering what type of message this sort of galavanting around is supposed to send.

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I popped along with a couple of friends, seeing the event for the first time in about 5 years, arriving too late to see our beloved leader.
John Banks had been there too, as well as some guy called Phil Goff, whoever he is.
I can only wonder how many wives were missing their husbands that day and do they know?
At least Bronagh knew!
Anyway, the potential vote gathering is understandable and Nikki Kaye is to be commended for doing her bit to stop such a core constituency from jumping into bed with the Liarbour Party.
This demographic element needs educating and I dtried a little at one of the stalls yesterday.
It was encouraging Catholics to 'de-baptise' themselves and their leaflets featured the Pope with Devilish horns and a tail.
I said I was not Catholic but the group should be concerned more at Islam since the Mullahs don't want homosexuals to breathe, whereas the Pope simply does not want them to marry.
The repy was 'I understand where you are coming from' and their campaign concerned all religions.
I added I noted however, that their leaflet did not feature Mohammed and maybe it should.
And then I walked away.

I can only wonder what might happen if their literature had featured Mohammed, as well as featuring a pic of gays hanging in Iran and Iraq!

Indeed, in places like Amsterdam, where there is a large muslim population, gay events have been attacked by hordes of homphobic muslims, but the so-called gay leaders here do nothing to criticise this most bigoted of all religions.

The bigotry of the lefy Christo-phobes is most appalling and they fail to see the true evils in their lefty multi-cultiness!!

Lucia Maria said...


I can understand why the de-baptisers are more concerned with Catholicism than Islam. Islam will just kill you, while as Catholicism will tell you that redemption through Christ is possible. That every person has this option, no matter how far they have strayed. That's far more dangerous than mere death.

Redbaiter said...

Good post Fairfax and well done at the BDO. Bunch of insular queers and dykes full of left wing/ Progressive doctrine. You wouldn't see me there, even if I was a politician like Banks and Key, desperate enough to do anything for a vote.

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