Thursday, February 4, 2010

Andrei The little people are not patriotic

The New Zealand Herald has a story this morning with the brave headline Patriots agree: Time to change the NZ flag"

Oh dear I thought to myself, seeing as I am in no particular hurry to see the flag changed does this mean I'm not patriotic?

Well if I'm not I am in the majority because reading further down the Herald admits last time the question was put to the great unwashed by Neilson in 2008 - 62% opted to retain the status quo and only a mere 25% wanted change.

And given the brouhaha over the flying of the "Maori flag" on Waitangi day, once again with Herald headlining its story with a rubric 180 degrees out of phase with the facts, I am of the opinion that for most of us the flag issue is not a burning concern.

However having a separate flag for Maori does not seem to be a good way of establishing and maintaining a National identity - on the contrary it seems like a step along the way to the Balkanization of this country, which does not seem to be a very patriotic thing to desire.

And something that can only end in tears.

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KG said...

This agenda is being pushed by a very few self-appointed 'influential people' and backed by the leftist media, who never yet saw a tradition they wouldn't gleefully help trash.

Notice how the noise the so-called journos are making about this push is out of all proportion to the support it has from the public? Gramsci would be proud of 'em.

WAKE UP said...

Yep, change the flag, that’ll fix everything. Hone and Pita will be happy, John and Phil will be happy, the nurses and teachers will be happy, students will pass standards with flying colours, unemployment will go down, the deficit will be recovered, the books balanced, child abuse will cease overnight, Maori will start living in the 21st century, the All Blacks will win the World Cup – and most importantly, self-appointed designers and amateur historians will be happy. It’ll be the miracle we’ve been waiting for. This whole furphy resembles nothing so much as a failing company diverting itself by redesigning the stationery, instead of attending to the core business.
ps - not one of the self-important idiots quoted and/or writing in the Herald today and yesterday knows any more about the flag "issue" than Mickey Mouse would. The only one who had the class to say (paraphrased): "It's not my call" was Murray Halberg, bless.

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