Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lucia Pope Benedict speaks up for religious freedom in Britain

Pope Benedict has spoken up for religious freedom in Britain, and not surprisingly, this has caused such a reaction that it's even made news here in New Zealand.

The major headline on the front page of the World section in the Dominion Post today is "Pope attacks equality law". Interesting choice of word... "attacks". Almost brings to mind something violent.

See Holy Smoke for more.

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Andrei said...

Is all part of the secular trying to marginalize the Faithful

This might interest you though

Russian Church, Pope agree on many contemporary issues - Patriarch Kirill

Anonymous said...

The pope would like to frame this as a debate about religious freedom, but is nothing of the sort. It is about religious organisations following the law, the same as everyone else.

It doesn't mean the RC church must employ atheists as priests. The law only applies to non-religious jobs that may be offerred by religious organisations. Is the pope asking for a return to the days when jobs were advertised as "no catholics"?

Lucia Maria said...

No LeftRightOut,

This is about religious freedom. Whether in Britain or in China, state interference in the Church is a matter of great concern.

You'd almost think that the Church is a newbie at recognising when the state goes too far, when in fact she has millennia of experience in this regard.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Lucia, but I cannot see how this infringes religious freedom. In what way do you think this ruling will infringe on religious freedom in the UK? The church will still get to pick its priests on its own criteria, it will still be allowed to set and follow its own beliefs and rites. It will still have the full protection of the law if someone interferes with its property or disrupts it services.

The only freedom it loses is the freedom to discriminate against certain classes of people based on sexual orientation when they apply for non-religious jobs. What next, no blacks, coloureds or asians?

If I have got this wrong, then forgive and enlighten me.

Lucia Maria said...

This is discrimination against those who are in a public and unrepentent state of mortal sin. It could easily be adulterers. Who is and isn't in mortal sin and therefore a danger to others is a religious matter. Trying to equate this to race is ridiculous.

Melva said...

What equates as a religious or non-religious job?


ZenTiger said...

Here's a simple example:

A Catholic school chooses a Catholic Teacher over an Atheist. The atheist argues that they can teach religious studies just as well, can say the prayers in the morning etc.

The atheist teacher costs everyone in time and money because they sue, convinced this is a case of discrimination, even if the Catholic Teacher is considered best for the job.

There are two aspects of this:

1. They may actually be better for the job simply because of their skill.

2. They may be better for the job simply because of their attitude to the religious component of the education.

Either way, the atheist can decide to make a case of discrimination.

A more chilling example of such types of legislation is the situation where Catholic Doctors are potentially forced to carry out abortions against their conscience, or support abortions. We saw this in Australia 2 years ago.

Psycho Milt said...

Well, it won't be the first time the Brits have told the Pope to get stuffed. Win some (Henry VIII), lose some (King John) - my money's on winning some this time.

ZenTiger said...

First time I've ever seen Henry VIII making decisions described as "winning". A great day for adulterers I suppose.

XChequer said...

As a latent Anglican, I gotta support the Pope on this one. Whether it's a catholic, protestant, freemason, freewheeling or freefalling organisation, it just goes against the grain for someone to complain when they apply for a job with an employer who's beliefs are the central tenants of their existence - when they don't share those beliefs. Why would anyone want to work in a place where 99.9999% of the people believe differently from you?

Its crazy I tell ya. It just doesn't make sense.

I'm assuming the person who dreamed up this nonsense in Britain was some atheist, political, PC pinko with a serious bee up their backside" who one day asked themselves "what if I wanted this job?".

These people are here in New Zealand. You know the type. They go around looking for potential discrimination and, when they can't find it, invent it.

I wasn't angry when I started writing this comment but I am now.


P.S Lol @ Zen

"A great day for adulterers I suppose."

Very funny

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