Saturday, February 27, 2010

Andrei Six Powerful Women

Below are photographs of six powerful women

How many of them can you identify?

Doris Leuthard

Jadranka Kosor 

Mary McAleese 


5 comment(s):

KG said...

I'll take Yulia Yevtushenko--who cares about the rest? ;)

homepaddock said...

Do I get a point for saying none of them looks like Angela Merkel?

Anonymous said...

Angele Maerkel is a sauerkraut - give me Mary McAleese, I'll soon have that wedding ring of her finger.A real woman like that needs a real man like me.

Anonymous said...

And the Litho one is far too severe, reminds me of my (Lithuanian) ex-wife.

PM of NZ said...

I wouldn't let that one from Bjork's place anywhere near my wallet.

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