Monday, February 1, 2010

Andrei There are bad ideas and then there are very bad ideas

With the heat having gone out of Global Warming I'm a little surprised the Herald is even running this story.

The basic concept is we can artificially "cool" the world off by injecting aerosols into the upper atmosphere.

Fortunately the ability to do this in any significant sense remains a pipe dream.

Goodness me it was aerosols from human activity that were the supposed culprit in the 1970s "coming ice age scare" bought to us by Stephen H. Schneider in his youth. And if the entire output of atmospheric aerosols from human activities hasn't cooled the planet yet how much effort would have to go into producing enough to be significant now?.

Anyway who would you really trust to manipulate the worlds climate in this or any other conceivable manner?

Some things are best just left to chance.

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