Friday, July 16, 2010

Lucia Awesome find in Jerusalem

A fragment of what is said to be the oldest written document was unearthed recently by Hebrew University. The fragment, which measures only 2cm by 2.8cm, and appears to have been part of a larger tablet, has been dated to the 14th Century BC contains Akkadian words written in ancient cuneiform symbols.

Researchers say the ancient fragment testifies to Jerusalem’s importance as a major city late in the Bronze Age, long before it was conquered by King David. ... while the symbols appear to be insignificant, containing simply the words “you,” “you were,” “them,” “to do,” and “later,” the high quality of the writing indicates that it was written by a highly skilled scribe. Such a revelation would mean that the piece was likely written for tablets that were part of a royal household.

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scrubone said...

14th *century*.

Lucia Maria said...

Ok, fixed.

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