Saturday, July 10, 2010

ZenTiger Flushing the living down the toilet

A woman gave birth in the bathroom of an airplane mid-flight and then tried to flush the baby down the toilet, police and doctors said on Thursday. The baby was rescued and is in critical condition. The mother and her family refuse to see the baby, perhaps at the risk of feeling some empathy for the child.

This act would count as infanticide, and is potentially punishable by jail.

The initial reports imply this is a cultural thing. Is it though? New Zealand, being a civilised nation, has MP Steve Chadwick advocating for this to be legal if done a few weeks earlier. Obviously, to many on one side of the debate, it's all in the timing and I struggle to see the difference a few weeks make at that point.

Go back far enough though, say 9 weeks, and the situation is different. I'll address that in an upcoming post by drawing from Dr Who. Who knew the current series was a commentary on abortion?

Delayed Abortion

Slightly different topic: Flushing the dead down the toilet

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