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Lucia Hand Mirror calling out the "liars" on abortion

Maia's purpose in her post is to call out the apparent liars on abortion. Only in her first example, she kinda does a few wiggles here and there to make her point. helps to know the truth.

So liar the first Bernard Moran, president of Voice for Life (that's SPUC that was):

The present law is a compromise to recognise that there is an unborn child, that there is a human person involved in this procedure.

Decriminalisation would basically be saying that the human person, the child, has no value whatsoever; it's like removing an abscess or a tooth. That's a modern form of barbarism.

You see this idea repeated by quite a few different people, but it's absolutely incorrect - our current law is not a compromise. The law we have now was a total victory for misogynist anti-abortionists. The law was written and promoted by misogynist anti-abortionists David Langue and Bill Birch (respectively). None of the women in parliament voting for it. It was a horrific desperate defeat for feminists all over the country. Over 300,000 people signed a petition to repeal the law. For more than a year after the law was passed women who needed abortions flew to Australia to get them..

You'd think that was still that case, that women who "need" abortions have to fly to Australia to get one. But no, in NZ today, no one who wants an abortion for mental health grounds is denied one. Even though the original intent of the law was to prevent women from gaining an abortion on spurious grounds, as there needed to be a good reason that was better than just not wanting to be pregnant. That may have been seen as a defeat by feminists and an apparent victory by the "misogynists", but the end result is that defeat has been turned into victory through the approval of every abortion. 

If I were the law maker involved in NZ abortion law all those years ago, I would have left no loopholes that could have been exploited.  No mental health clause so large you could drive a truck through.  No direct abortion of the fetus allowed, only treatment that in some cases could indirectly cause an abortion (such as treatment that is given for ectopic pregnancies). Then Maia would have something to complain about.

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KG said...

These people are not honest and I wouldn't give them the oxygen of publicity.

Lucia Maria said...

Except they don't like criticism. It makes them nervous. And they represent a large chunk of the female political Blogosphere.

KG said...

A "large chunk" I'm very happy to ignore. ;)
They have minimal influence and almost zero credibility.

Lucia Maria said...

KG, It's their readers I want to influence. I'm already getting incoming links from them of people who normally don't come here. The type that think Sarah Palin is the anti-Christ.

I.M Fletcher said...

It's sad that these people believe that those who want to save babies are "misogynist".

It has nothing to do with hating women. I believe it takes two to make a baby doesn't it? It is indeed wrong that the man can run away from such an event and not take any responsibility. In most cases though, it ends up being the woman's decision as to whether to kill the life growing inside her; as such she should perhaps be held more accountable for this ultimate choice but this does not lessen the guilt of the man who fathered the child.

It is a terrible situation all around, but nowhere do I see "misogynist" people. It is just a term that is easy to flick off, loaded with meaning but ultimately not relevant to the matter.

Lucia Maria said...


"Misogynist" is one of those words that gets flung around if you are opposing what a certain type of woman wants to do.

The only time I have used it with good effect was against Idiot/Savant. He closed down his comments permanently after that.

Lucia Maria said...

(I/S pretends to be a supporter of women, but he actually really hates us. Doesn't like it pointed out, though.)

I.M Fletcher said...

Lucia @ "a certain type of woman"..
Yes, I agree. Madeleine said something to that effect when she was interviewed in Canvas magazine.

"To me feminism is the concept that men and women are equal." She maintains that equality means freedom for women to make choices even if they're not approved of by mainstream feminists.

Flannagan has faced criticism for staying at home to care for her four children and for taking her husband's name upon marriage. "To me, if we're really equal and we're really free then why can't we choose to do that?" she says.

"I think they need to get out of the mindset of the 'sisterhood'. If they really believe that women should be able to determine their own lives and are free to make their own decisions then they shouldn't object when women make decisions to do stereotypical female things, if they want to go and become nurses or they want to stay at home and be mums."

She sees contradictions, too, within the principles of classic feminism. "On the one hand, if a woman poses naked in an ad, it's [considered] exploitative of women but the next minute they're saying: 'My body, my choice.' And I'm going: 'What? Is it or not?' Or is it only your body when you're making a choice that [those particular] feminists want you to make? There's a sense in which the left-wing feminists say 'you're free to make those decisions but only within a certain context'."

So yes. What about the women who DON'T agree with abortion? Are they misogynist too? Because they're not towing the accepted 'feminist' line?

Lucia Maria said...

Hmmmm, looks like they've turned off their backlinks, so that my post doesn't turn up.

Not very interested in even allowing an alternative viewpoint.

Doesn't take much.

Andrei said...

Not very interested in even allowing an alternative viewpoint.

They are leftwingers - intellectual heirs of Stalin.

In any case Lucia Maria they know you are right and cannot confront you in the realm of intellectual discourse so they try and shut you out.

As I said the intellectual heirs of Stalin.

KG said...

I just put up a post about the bunch of criminals at Planned Parenthood..

(and are they ever struck by the irony of their organisation's name?

Lucia Maria said...


Abortion is big business, I'm not surprised that there could be a certain amount of embarrassment as to how big. Of course, the whole thing could just be an innocent error from people who know no shame.

Individuals may be struck by the irony, but those who set up PP had a very clear purpose in their use of that name.



Agreed. Though I still find myself bemused as to how quickly the shut down occurred.

Lucia Maria said...

And now the links are back ...

scrubone said...

"The law we have now was a total victory for misogynist anti-abortionists. "

Now, to give her credit that is true. But it was also a victory for lots of other sorts of anti-abortionists, but I guess "anti-abortionists who drive purple cars" wouldn't sound as cool.

The cruelest irony is of course that a central plank of modern "feminism" kills and causes long term harm to millions of women each year. Which makes one wonder if it's not feminism that is the biggest source of misogynist in western society. (Even more so when you think about the feminist reaction to Sarah Palin.)

Francisco Castelo Branco said...

We had that discussion in 2008.

The abortion was forbidden.
A lot of people make pressure to change the law.
POrtual realize a referendum to change or not the law.

The Yes win with a large majority.
But the referendum realized in 2008 was the second.
In 1999 the No win.

It´s a big problematic.
I think , i nowadays, with so many irresponsabilities it´s acceptable the abortion.
Even in certain circunstances.

I hope the women decide what is better for the child.

I have a friend.
She has my age. 25 years old.
She have a baby. She told me that was an accident.
But she accept the child and now she´s happy.

I think the possibility of women abort change the attitude by the situation of having a child or not

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