Sunday, July 18, 2010

ZenTiger Feudal Society Bradford and assorted left wing peasants stormed the Sky Tower today, site of the National Party Conference. I say peasants, because they themselves claim to be revolting. Said Union Leader Matt McCarten:

Government's changes were about restoring power to employers and they amounted to a return to the Feudal System.

Speaking under a giant rat (no seriously, he was)

They want to make us slaves in our own country and they know where they can stick that," Mr McCarten said.

And as they tried to break into private property and disrupt proceedings in a most uncivil and undemocratic way, unionist Maxine Gay declared:

the issue was about "who owns the workplace".

Seems they feel they need to right to walk in unannounced into a place of business, rather than phoning beforehand to arrange a suitable time, which is all that particular law change is about.   Access cannot be unreasonably withheld, just advise of the visit in advance please.

"It is important to show the National Party conference and John Key that this is an attack on working people," Ms Bradford said.

In this case, the Police, who were working people attacked by the self-titled serfs.

"There was a large number who wanted to get into the conference, but obviously
the police stopped us getting in," she said.

How fair is that, Ms Bradford?

This impression that New Zealand is a feudal society is possibly the beginning of a self-fulfilling prophecy, as I can see Unions ramping up to cause massive disruption and wreck their economic vengeance on the evil employers who will not be able to provide income for jobs if they are driven to ruin.

These are uncertain times, and job security is increasingly a fantasy. We all want the comfort of knowing we can stay in a job for life, or at least until some other employer offers a better deal and we move on, but this kind of reaction is counter productive.

"Come see the violence inherent in the system!!", cries Sue Bradford, bashing her way into the Police. "Help, help, I'm being repressed."

It's no wonder many people will simply shrug their shoulders and murmur "Bloody peasants".

Hattip: MacDoctor - the unlovely left

and NZ Herald - Protesters Storm the Tower

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Anonymous said...

I say peasants, because they themselves claim to be revolting.

And revolting is most certainly the word...

Ozy Mandias said...

Does the 90 day period apply to the next governement? i.e. if we are unhappy with them after 90 days do we get to kick them out.

ZenTiger said...

That would only be the case if they worked for us, Ozy. Have you seen any evidence of that?

MK said...

At some point we in the west are going to get over out lazy and stupid dislike of employers, we might just wake up one day to find out they've all been regulated and screwed out of business and we'll be scratching around in the dirt with plenty of rights and entitlements at zero job.

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