Thursday, July 1, 2010

ZenTiger A bit of a spring clean

"today we are taking an unprecedented step. Based on the belief that it is people, not policymakers, who know best, we are asking the people of Britain to tell us how you want to see your freedom restored.

We are calling for your ideas on how to protect our hard won liberties and repeal unnecessary laws. And we want to know how best to scale back excessive regulation that denies businesses the space to innovate. We’re hoping for virtual mailbags full of suggestions. Every single one will be read, with the best put to Parliament"
What a concept. Wouldn't it be interesting if they actually listed them all, bill by bill, statute by statute, with votes and comments attributable to each, nicely grouped and organised by a multitude of categories for cross referencing.

Probably couldn't possibly read them all in a single life time, but between the entire population, they might get a good run through on some of them.

Love to see that happen in NZ.

See Liberty Scott's post and comments for more of the story: What law do you want abolished?

And WhaleOil is running with it too: Politician of the Year - Nick Clegg

And The Fairfacts Media Show has a movie clip with Nick Clegg delivering the message personally.

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