Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Andrei Question for today

Why are Anglicans moving away from mainstream Christianity, alienating a large percentage of their own membership and building barriers to ecumenism and the eventual reunification of the Church in the process?

If you want my opinion this is an example of following secular thought in a pitiful attempt to be relevant "modern" world by pandering to it - a modern world that actually hates the Church.

And all the Anglican innovations of the past thirty years have accomplished is empty pews and closed parishes.

Which is no doubt pleasing to the secularists.

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Lucia Maria said...

I think it's easier to succumb to the secular world than it is to run against it. Consider this from one opinion piece I read today:

According to published reports, the Vatican is soon to release new norms that govern matters of sexual abuse by clergy. (Ho hum—but wait, there’s more.) They are expected to include the ordination of women under the delicta graviora, the same category of grave sin that governs sexual abuse by priests. Cue the music of doom!

It is hard to see past the PR aspect of this to the theological. Mixing the two issues, even under the same legal umbrella, is a profoundly perverse proposition. Either these gentlemen are more ethically tone deaf than one can imagine, or they are sly beyond the dreams of foxes in an effort to redirect attention from the criminal behavior of clergy against children to their wrath over the ordination of women. Neither option is terribly appealing.

Because women attempting to become priests is considered one of the most serious sins occurring today, and so is child abuse, having both in the same document causes liberals to froth almost incoherently.

Yet, the damage that recognising women as priests and now Bishops, is seen quite clearly in Anglicanism.

Of course the sins themselves are not the same in any sense, except that they fall into the same grave category.

Just like adultery and murder fall into the category of mortal sin, but there's obviously a difference in harm.

Yet liberals refuse to see that. There are none so blind as those who will not see.

ZenTiger said...

The NZ Police, in their review of the Crimes Act, should never have included misbehaving in court as a crime in one section, whilst covering sexual abuse in another.

It sends the unfortunate and clear message that the two are somehow related, and equal.

ZenTiger said...

The above comment may need the irony font. I just picked up on the point above that the world is going to get into a lather by having more than one sin mentioned at the same time, just like, well, the NZ Crimes Act mentions more than one offence.

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