Saturday, July 3, 2010

Andrei You don't always get told what you want to hear

You get told something worth hearing though.

A clip from recent Russian movie called Ostrov or the Island. A wonderful movie and beautiful to behold besides about a holy man whose advice and healing is usually wrapped up in practical jokes and is usually not immediately understood by the recipient

If you fast forward to the three minute mark and watch from there the sequence I had in mind will unfold complete with sub titles.

The points made should be obvious and I think you'll find its worth your time.

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Anonymous said...

I'd think that the points aren't obvious, at least not in the out of context snippet you present them.

So lets assume you consider yourself the monk, the soldier hoping for redemption for past deeds, and projecting your fear of judgement and shame into a local girl in a bullying manner. Is that obvious enough? Is that what the church is? Is that the message you want to send to youngsters: Come to the catholic church when you need to understand your world - we'll bully you, belittle you, abuse you, call you a murderer, tell you your future is dead, that you'll never wed anyway and to use the child as a comfort, a consolation...and the piece they we leave out... set up a dysfunctional relationship to it, ruin it's life as well as darken your own.

Is that "obvious" enough?

How do you people find so much hate and anger and fear to distribute in the name of christ? Where is the wisdom? The love? But that's it isn't it. It's done to your own satisfaction, not god's. What group of incompetents think they will increase their flock with such vile methods? You aren't interested in god, you're interested in finding victims. Are you even who you claim to be? Perhaps this blogsite is set up by the enemies of the catholic church. That's the only conclusion I can reach, because I've never met catholics so obviously anti-christ.

ZenTiger said...

An old man sat by the gates of a city, and a traveler asked "how are the people of this place?"

The old man said "how were the people in the place you came from?"

The traveler said "they were negative, backstabbing liars in the main"

The old man said "Unfortunately, that is what you will find here too."

The traveler sighed and entered the gates.

Presently another traveler came to the gates and asked the old man: "How are the people of this place?"

The old man said "how were the people in the place you came from?"

The traveler said "they were wonderful people, full of humour and compassion"

The old man said "Fortunately, that is what you will find here too"

Travel well Brendon. It's not all as bad as it may seem to you.

Andrei said...

Goodness me Brendon - we are continually being "bullied" as you put it by any number of public officials and general busybodies who believe they no what is best for us - the secular priesthood - if you will.

I well remember being harangued by a ninny school teacher about "chippies" in a kids school lunch and looking after kids health by ensuring they don't eat "junk" food.

Unwanted and unrequested and ultimately useless advice.

On the other hand if you seek out advice from a Priest well you must want it.

Indeed my interpretation of that vignette would be the girl sought out the holy man because she knew what she contemplated was wrong and hoped for absolution before the event to ease her conscience.

And had the blessing been given and she had "terminated" her child the result would be life long regret.

And this is what she is told - and she is also told she will have a wonderful son - a prophecy which pleases her.

Isn't the real point the world does not always conform to our desires and things do not always go the way we would wish.

Our long term welfare is better served by those who understand this rather than those who, often for self serving reasons, validate our sin rather than pointing out the consequences.

KG said...

One of my favourite Koans, Mr. Tiger. :)

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