Saturday, July 10, 2010

Andrei Flushing the Dead down the toilet

From the brave new world
THE EU is studying proposals from Belgian undertakers to dissolve corpses in caustic solutions.

The departed could then be flushed into the sewage systems of towns and cities to be recycled at water processing plants.
Can you guess what the motivation behind this new body disposal method is?

Here's a hint
Known as resomation, the process significantly reduces the 260 kilograms of carbon dioxide that the burning of a body spews into the air.

Source: Undertakers consider your solution

Slightly different issue: Flushing the living down the toilet

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Ciaron said...

Surely there would be some residual Co2 from the chemical reaction?

What would be the emission of a good old fashioned burial?

Lucia Maria said...


Pagans do not respect their dead.

PM of NZ said...

With that title, I thought that you were winding up the pro-murder ferals.

On reading, like LM, absolutely gross. I suppose the next move for the pagans is Auschwitz MkII - a modern carbon neutral version.

ZenTiger said...

You'll like my next post then. It's called "Flushing the living down the toilet". Think it's a wind-up?

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