Monday, July 5, 2010

Andrei Wikipedia sucks the kumera

So wikipedia is down, my my.

School projects may be late - well its school holidays so thats not at issue.

But if it was never to come back would we be able to find information on the Arctic without the obligatory global warming references?

And would meaningless CE be flushed down the toilet of irrelevance with a return to AD as has been common usage for over a millenium.

But it will be back I'm sure and the nuts will ensure that despite all its virtues Wikipedia will serve as a propaganda vehicle "progressive" viewpoints.

The thing about so called "progressives" is they are actually regressive.

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Lucia Maria said...

Looks like it's back now.

KG said...

I know several people who regard Wikipedia as an infallible source of information and no amount of evidence will convince them otherwise.
Some of the goings-on behind the scenes among the editors are very dodgy indeed.

scrubone said...

I love the way it was described as "world wide".

Gosh, who knew that if an internet site went down it would go down everywhere, even in other countries!

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