Friday, July 30, 2010

Lucia Infanticide not very different from abortion

This story of the French woman who secretly gave birth to eight babies and then smothered each one after they were born because she didn't want any more children reminded me of a letter to the editor a few weeks back expressing much the same sentiment.

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scrubone said...

...and we all remember Mia justifying it as "another form of contraception".

Will be interesting to see if the feminists are abhorrent of this or will try to justify it.

One of those issues that shows just how horrific feminism really is.

ZenTiger said...

I think some will be horrified, because once you draw a line in the sand, it's easy to point to one side of the line and say "all good" and the other and say "bad".

Anything up to and during birth, is good and anything after that is bad. By that point, the reason of "autonomy over ones body" is gone, and it is clearly the murder of an innocent individual human being.

That being said, there are many schools of thought advocating that it is still morally permissible to engage in infanticide.

Furthermore, there are many people advocating to have the crime of infanticide treated as a mental illness or depression and not to be punished. Whilst that would account for some of the cases, there is ample evidence that other cases simply reflect lack of empathy and responsibility towards their child.

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