Thursday, July 29, 2010

Andrei Hell hath no fury ..........

Off the deep end and over the cliff or perhaps it should be under the bus.

Apologies for the mixed metaphors.

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Ciaron said...

This is only the beginning.

I got a lazy $10 that says when Goff goes, Carter slides back in.

Andrei said...

I reckon you'll do your dough.

He will hang on as an independent until the next election - damaging the party he professes to support and sniping at Phil Goff.

Do you think he has made many friends in Caucus with his latest petulant outburst?

Nah - the man has made himself a pariah

Ciaron said...

Doesn't matter... He's still Helen's servant, and as such his future will be secure at least until his master has taken up residence at Bastion Point.

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