Monday, July 19, 2010

Andrei Suicide

I don't know why the Herald used this image to illustrate the story about the changing face of New Zealand households but they did.

The headline: NZ's most common family? Couples without children,

The story itself doesn't invoke sterile same sex marriage but rather an aging population. A generation which has failed to produce enough children. And that is clear.

Liberals hate children and that is clear also - why else the importance to them of abortion which kills them in the womb. Why else the obsession with condoms and gay sex a fruitless and ultimately useless pursuit?

In days past the value of children was recognized and infertility was considered a curse but today it is fertility that is considered a curse and infertility is deliberately induced.

Civilizations that don't reproduce decline and fail - its what happened to the Western Roman empire. The elites imported Germanic people to make up the slack and the Germanic peoples took over.

And a long dark age followed.

We are well along the same path and that is the real meaning of this story.

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ZenTiger said...

Couples without children the most common family?

I'm not sure I would call them families at all. I'd call them couples.

Some couples might be married - although unmarried couples have probably also overtaken married couples.

Once the couple has children, I think they become a family in the true sense of the word. Until then, they are part of a previous family or they are a "family in waiting".

For the last few years, there has been a big effort to never mention terms such as "family" and "married" and "husband and wife", so as to ensure any other combination is acceptable. Now, it's back to using terms like "family" to normalize any combination, even the childless.

PS: Trying some tough love on liberals Andrei? :-)

"Hate" seems such a strong word to describe all liberals.

I am sure some liberals, when it comes to abortion, are just misguided, self-centred or deluded (in the sense that their opinion is a pre-born is ultimately disposable).

After all, the liberal mantra is "let every child be wanted", unfortunately meaning "terminate those you don't want".

Canterbury Atheists said...

Andrei, so Liberals hate children, really? Is there a club I can join to go on weekend kid hunts?

Using your logic seeing I have three kids and Lucia just two – then perhaps she’s been a bit too liberal with her contraception and me too conservative? I'm confused now?!

I gather no one here (including partners/married of course) has employed any form of contraception in their life, like say condoms – I mean to say it would be hypocritical not to practice what one preaches, eh? Also why are Catholics so obsessed with Gays? Anyone would thing that ……….better not say that!

See ya guys.


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