Monday, July 19, 2010

ZenTiger Sue Bradford Turns Up The Heat

Warranty Void Where Prohibited
Sue Bradford laid a complaint today with the Consumer's Association. Seems her two bar heater broke in the first month of use, and she was hoping to get a refund or replacement from the manufacturer.

However, they explained that that was a stupid concept, and once she purchased the two bar heater, it was hers for life, irrespective of the performance.

What was worse, is that whilst it gave out no heat, it seemed to be consuming high amounts of electricity. "This is pushing my power bill up, and I'm getting nothing for it", she complained. "What's more, the plug seems to be stuck in the wall. It just wont leave the socket."

"The manufacturer suggested that I just buy another one, but I don't really have time to shop around for a good deal. I don't really understand it - the packaging was excellent and the brochure was first class. Perhaps I'll just try another one of these. They can't all be defective." she said.

"Maybe next time, I'll just rent a damn heater."

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