Thursday, July 29, 2010

Andrei Sigh - another sex predator in a Church School

A fourteen year old child groomed for sex by a school councillor in a Church School.

Where are the Bishops on this?

And where is CNN? They should be all over this, they would be if this happened in a Catholic School in Bohemia fifty years ago.

But it happened in an Episcopalian school in Louisiana this year.

You know that up to date Church with Lesbian Bishops and now with Lesbian sex scandals.

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Anonymous said...

Andrei, not sure what pointn you're trying to make here.

A quick google search of her name found quite a few references.

Are you saying catholic priest abusers are OK because Episcopalians do it too? Or are you pissed that it isn't front page on the Dom Post?

Not sure just what you want to say here.

Lucia Maria said...


Andrei is pointing out the inconsistency in the media reaction. If it were a Catholic scandal, it would be another indictment against the Pope. But, not being anything that the Pope can be blamed for, it's just not that interesting to get too excited about.

Andrei said...

You know LRO according to CNN the Catholic Church was reeling, reeling I tell you because it was "revealed" that a person associated with a choir the Pope's brother was also associated with for many years had abused boys.

To bad the miscreant had been convicted for his crimes some years before the Pope's brother ever became associated with the choir according to the narrative this led right to the heart of the Vatican.

Don't be disingenuous its not going to fly

Lucia Maria said...

Meanwhile, some visitors to the Vatican City are outraged that they've been told to wear trousers and cover up bare shoulders when the Church has been rocked by sex-scandals: Vatican accused of hypocrisy over short skirts dress code.

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