Thursday, July 1, 2010

Fletch Smoking vs Abortion Deaths

I see that in Garth George's column today in the NZ Herald, he makes a point about how people are jumping up and down and making a fuss about the number of deaths from smoking and alcohol when, in comparison, 17,500 abortions took place last year. I think he makes a very good point.

I see the liberal bloggers are attacking him again over it. 'Editing The Herald' blog has a go (I have left a little reply there), and so does The Hand Mirror (calling the column "a pile of dreck", although she has closed comments).

The lack of respect these people have for life astounds and angers me...

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Lucia Maria said...

Good reply!


BJ said...

“A former smoker brought his diseased heart to Parliament for MPs to look at today, just minutes before tobacco company Philip Morris' representatives fronted to defend their company..”.( NZ HERALD 30 June 2010)

One day we will read:
“A mother who had an abortion brought her aborted Foetus TO Parliament for MPs to look at today, just minutes before abortion advocates fronted to defend their actions..”

Why is the former embraced but the later offensive?

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