Friday, July 30, 2010

ZenTiger Goff supports the 90 day law

Phil Goff today offered full support for National's law to allow dismissal of staff for any reason within 90 days.

"Technically, when Chris Carter was demoted off the front bench back in June, he entered a new role in our organisation. And well within the 90 day limit, it is clear to me that he just isn't working out. I'm invoking John Key's new dismissal laws, and quite frankly, they are bloody excellent", said Goff from Parliament earlier today.

This is what Chris Carter said back in June:

"I pledge hard work and commitment to my electorate and to the New Zealand Labour Party, and I wish to put this matter behind me."

Now it becomes obvious only in hindsight that loyalty to the party does not mean loyalty to the party leader. With Gillard as his inspiration, Chris tried to unseat Goff as if Goff were Rudd. Who needs a secret letter to read Carter's lips?

Hatip for the video: Kiwiblog

See also Keeping Stock for the letter that started it all and Murray intercepted a text message from Goff to an unknown shadowy figure with connections to a mysterious evil multi-national organisation. MWT carries the conspiracy further, by outlining the Lone Assassin Theory.

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