Friday, July 16, 2010

Lucia What do you do with an unwanted 3rd child in NZ?

This letter was published in today's Dominion Post. The woman, whose name has been withheld, is "highly disappointed" that the Dominion Post published "two anti-choice letters" without an opposing point of view. So disappointed in fact, that she thought she'd write in and give her story.

She's a mother of two who became pregnant with "an unwanted third child".  So she and her partner decided that this unwanted child had to be killed, as it would be best for all the members of their family. She admits it was the hardest decision she ever made, and it was "extremely unpleasant", but it was for the best.  After all, she has a right to self-determination for her own body, so I suppose allowing the baby to be born alive and giving it away was out of the question.

The effect; chilling.

Let's hope that more women like this write in and give their equally callous stories.

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Matthew said...

with an unwanted third child not a collection of cells or tissue or something that isn't alive...but a child. In effect she, and her husband (yes I know she used that ridiculous word but I'll stay on topic) decided to murder their own baby. Heaven bound now, and one day that women will either be redeemed and look upon the one she and her husband murdered, or she will suffer in hell for eternity if she doesn't repent. Evil, that's what Jesus died for, wickedness and evil.

Andrei said...

This is beyond chilling

Art art, blog blog, by Tanya Tanya said...

Had she not ever heard of adoption as an option? This seems to be unheard of, nowadays.

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