Tuesday, July 13, 2010

ZenTiger Senseless Violence

"Dear old Agatha Christie had 'A' murder 'B' because 'A' was having an affair, and thought 'B' would tell. Now, of course, people write about their affairs in the Sunday newspapers." -- Crime writer P D James on the problems of coming up with motives for murder in the 21st century
How about senseless violence for no apparent reason?

My heart goes out to Scott Guy's pregnant wife, his child, and his other family members.

Also today, two police officers down and a police dog killed in the line of duty. Apparently, over a cannabis find? A grim reminder of the realities of policing, and a terrible day for the families. I feel for the dog handler too who will be crushed with the death of his dog, Gage. I wonder if we will learn if a taser could have helped in this situation?

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mojo said...

Yep ... but tazer was left in the car I believe.

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