Monday, July 12, 2010

Andrei Looking beyond the grime

There was a comment on Lucia's post, the one below this, that was filled with ugliness and hatred.

Its deleted now, I don't know if I would have deleted it personally but it Lucia's post and her call so its gone and no loss, no loss at all.

Anyway it depressed me, it seems we are living in the muck, absorbed by sordid stories that bring no credit upon anybody involved and mired in unpleasantness.

Clearly, to me anyway, the source of all of this is Satan himself and his purpose is to sow despair, to turn us away from God, his works, and his intentions for us, which is not to be engaged in gender wars or to kill our young for surely in all of this, even non-believers must be aware, human unhappiness can only be the consequence.

So as a reminder of that mankind is not all squalor, a hymn, the Paschal Troparion, a thing of beauty offered up to remind us of what is really important and that there is Hope.

Glory to you our God
Glory to you

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Lucia Maria said...

That's beautiful. Thank you, Andrei.

KG said...


Canterbury Atheists said...

Cripes Andrei I’m really scared, now I know Satan’s hooves are cobbling merrily along New Zealand streets.

That explains why the kids keep playing my ‘White Album’ backwards.

This is mass extermination of ‘the young’ is obviously a serious situation and who better to call when it comes to children’s welfare than a Catholic priest, eh?

So how does one tell if a stranger they meet is possessed by Beelzebub? Do I put a crucifix up to them and they will re-coil with horror?

Would ‘sowing despair’ mean demonizing a person because of their sexuality, denying a person access to contraception or equal opportunity in the workplace?

By the way (don't want to scare you any more) I’m sure I saw a troll under the over-pass on the way to work.

Do you have any advice on how to get rid of pesky trolls as well?



~Exaybachay. said...

"Sarcasm is the language of the devil, for which reason I have long since as good as renounced it”

Thomas Carlyle

Andrei said...

Cripes Paul;
I think this post has gone right over your head.

Tell me do you really find Fuji Minx beautiful?

Canterbury Atheists said...

Hey, I was only pulling your leg on the troll business there Andrei. It was really a goblin mate. Everyone knows trolls along with witches and devils aren’t real. On the other-hand Goblins and Leprechauns are the real- deal and there is strong evidence they exist at the bottom of your average Kiwi garden (being an introduced species they pose a biodiversity issue for the Native Maori Fairy)

Dear oh dear, after all that preaching Andrei, I hope you weren’t tempted by 'dark-forces' to have perv at Fuji Minx’s blasphemous video on my site?

Great tits, eh mate?

No I don’t actually find Fuji Minx beautiful in a classical sense – she appeals more on a more fundamental animalistic scale – namely she’d be ‘great in the sack’.

Dark, crass things appeal to me.

Does it show?

Catch-up for a beer one day.


ZenTiger said...

Trolls are very real Paul. We get them on our blog from time to time.

Andrei said...

Yep Paul I watched it.

The girl bungled though, if you want your vid shown on TV you must make sure it is not offensive.

Trashing religious symbols is fine, that will pass muster as will flashing your boobs,

Bur one thing you cannot do on TV in these days of enlightenment is smoke.

It'll get you banned every time.

Redbaiter said...

Just boring crass and vulgar Paul. All been done before too.

Like your self description as "playboy", its all just paper thin trendy unintelligent crap. You've got no heart and no guts and a brain rotting with progressive doctrine.

Not true?

All confirmed by your taste in music Paul.

Canterbury Atheists said...

You are right Andrei!

It was the cancer-causing smoke in her mitt and that pet-sheep (animal cruelty if I ever saw it) that would have got it banned.

I have many things on my CV there RB but Playboy isn’t one of them. I hate sports-cars and never had much taste in clothing. Drinking too much will rot ya brain – I agree.
Being such a font of musical taste you may have a contribution for my Atheist Music Blog?

In case you all missed-it, it’s at:

Have a great day.


PS: The last albums I got were Eno and Cluster 'After The Heat'
Eddie Rayner 'Play it Straight' and The Fall 'Peel Sessions'.

Redbaiter said...

On your blog profile

Canterbury Atheists

* Gender: Male
* Occupation: Playboy

Anonymous said...

Blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked,
or stand in the way of sinners,
or sit in the seat of mockers.
(Psalm 1 verse 1)

Blessed is the blogger who does not post in the style of the dickhead,
or troll in the irrational way of atheists,
or wallow in the sludge of rude commenters.


KG said...

Also blessed is the commenter who hands the troll his head on a platter. ;)

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