Friday, July 16, 2010

Andrei A good life, well lived

The woman in the video below came to my mind in response to a post on HomePaddock celebrating Linda Linda Ronstadt's birthday yesterday.

Her name is Wanda Jackson and one of the honors that has been bestowed upon her is a place in the Rock and Roll hall of fame.

I was struck by the fact that Ele (Homepaddock) was unfamiliar with her but this seems to be common in this part of the world.

Anyway check out this treasure of a film from before most of us were born, 1958 and see a real star at work.
So what happened to her, do you suppose?

Well she continued to tour, perform and record and still does. But the arc of her story does not match that of a Rock and Roll legend but is quite blessed actually and I wondered if that is why you may not have heard of her - in the last 50+ years she has never provided grist for the Entertainment pages of our newspapers.

Ironically she was here in New Zealand not three weeks ago and was she was interviewed by Kim Hill whose questions are often quite banal but her story does come out and its really quite inspirational.

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