Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Andrei New Zealand is a world leader

In the great war of 1914-18 a small country, the Kingdom of Serbia, lost a whopping 16.1% of her population.

Russia lost well over 3 million before the civil war that took them out of that conflict and into another broke out.

And this country gave up 18,050 young lives in the four year course of the war.

This monstrous waste of life is universally considered to be a tragedy.

And yet just over 72,000 young lives have been lost in this country in the past four years and this goes virtually unnoticed.

To make this comparison is to invite outrage. We shouldn't point out that nearly one in four conceptions ends in abortion, a casualty rate far higher than the casualty rate of the hardest hit country of the Great War, the Kingdom of Serbia.

Regardless there is an excellent opinion piece in todays Dominion on this matter

A reminder that the administration of the abortion law is a travesty

Maybe the tide is turning.

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ZenTiger said...

I read that article and wondered if Karl has realised that he has just declared himself numero uno target for a pro-abort jihad.

He should phone John Key's Pizza guy and see if he can order in for the next few weeks.

Lucia Maria said...

Zen, he's done it before. At least once, maybe more. Like Garth George.

Matthew said...

A better article then most that really shows how unconscionable the last government was in this area. I would say that some people in the last government had seared consciences.

However, John Key is and will continue to be a big disappointment as he will not have the courage to enforce the law.

Off topic: I can't publish comments in IE8, but I can in Firefox 3. Do you know any reason why?

ZenTiger said...

Hi Matthew, (RE IE8 and comments) no idea at this point, but I'll look into it.

Canterbury Atheists said...

Aren’t you being a bit hypocritical here guys?

Why is it O.K for your God, Yahweh, to perform abortions by the billions? I mean 1 in 4 pregnancies ends in natural termination and therefore, using your belief system, Yahweh, sees fit to employ terminations when he sees fit – that’s literally every 30 seconds if my math’s is correct.

Then there’s the question of what your God had to say about abortion in his sole manifesto – not a single adverse sentence. Not one reference specifically to terminations being sinful.

If it is wrong to perform abortions in the Christian religion – then surely it would form a part of The Bible?

Glaringly it doesn’t.

Not ‘a sausage.’

On the contrary instead of pillaring abortion Yahweh allows an abortion ‘bitter-water recipe’ to appear in Numbers 5:12-28 and the abortion itself to be performed on a church floor of all places!

Thus to a neutral like me on the subject of abortion, skeptic and non-believer in the superstitious - it is clear that Yahweh thinks abortions are perfectly fine.

1 in 4 normal terminations is surely evidence of this?

So if you wanted to pick a religion, belief system, or God that is vehemently against abortion – Christianity and Yahweh are patently not a great choice.

Have a great day.


ZenTiger said...

Who made you God, Paul?

100% of births result in death.

Would it be wrong to terminate you early Paul?

KG said...

"If it is wrong to perform abortions in the Christian religion – then surely it would form a part of The Bible?"

"Thou shalt not kill" too..nuanced for you, Paul?

scrubone said...

So I guess dying of old age is "God murdering old people" under that logic.

God allows a lot of bad things to happen. Funily enough, the reason for this is explained right at the start of Genesis - man chose things to be that way.

But isn't it funny to see someone who embraces Adam's rejection of God refuse to acknowledge the consequences of that action?

Matthew said...

Well said Scrubone.

Evil, Canterbury Athiests, pervades this world, including the womb. God, in His mercy let's evil go unpunished for now, but the day is coming when it will end. At that point, and yes this will seem unbelievable to you, unless you have repented of your wickedness, you will be judged by God. Until that time of judgement, God is giving human beings a chance to ask Him forgiveness for their sins. If God was to stop and judge all the evil in this world (including miscarriages), then that would require all the evil to be judged at once. That includes your wickedness and mine.

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