Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Andrei Its scandalous I tell you, scandalous

In a rare example of rationality (cf   the kneejerk) the Government has kicked the idea of lowering the alcohol limit into touch.

Of course having done so the wail has gone up and the media dutifully trot out "experts" who are given a forum to spew forth their hyperbole.
"I think the most important thing has been missed. [The Government] is saying that people are allowed to drink to over the level of intoxication and then drive. It's scandalous when you look at the international evidence," he said.

Although the Government had said it would spend another two years looking into whether to lower the limit, Sellman said, researchers agreed doing it now would save lives.

Well some "researchers" might well agree it would save lives but that don't make it so.

Indeed "researchers" for the most part don't even agree that the current level is a level that induces measurable impairment.

In the real world a driver aged 25 has significantly and measurably better reactions than a driver aged 70 and by these ninies own reasoning we should remove all 70+ year old drivers from our roads.

A move which would unquestionably save lives.

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Psycho Milt said...

I often wonder whether Doug Sellman pays journalists a retainer, or whether they choose to talk to him because he's so good at outraged bluster.

You'd think measurable impairment would be what people were "researching" in relation to this, but no - it's the usual "studies show" bullshit of the damned lies and statistics variety. It's also worth keeping in mind when considering the MoT's calculations of how many lives would be saved by lowering the limit, that the same organisation in 1977 calculated that lives would be saved by changing our give-way rules to favour left-turning drivers. Oddly enough, the AA is now calculating that lives would be saved by changing the rule back again. Some of these "calculations" are obviously suspect.

0..0 said...

If any research is meaningless, then why is this government being applauded for wasting time and money? Clearly we've reached the limit of legislature pushing purposeful reductions in drink drive injuries and should just let it be now. Any further reductions are now up to the individual driver/s.

0..0 said...

And can we had an end to those stupid reverse time drink drive ad's? It's obvious now that recidivist drink drivers are the problem, not casual drinkers having one too many at the pub on Friday night.

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