Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Andrei The new dark ages

Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely

Throughout history the Church has stood in opposition to the secular world although most people don't realize this. And the secular world has fought back and sought to weaken the influence of the Church through out time.

St John Chrysostom was twice banished for preaching against offenses in high places - he died on the way to his place of exile in the Caucasus on the second occasion.

And when the Church refused to comply with Henry the VIII's wishes he created the Anglican Church and placed himself at the head. Many of those who opposed this lost their lives in gruesome manner for so doing.

Civil authorities today cannot be as ruthless as Henry was, for which we can thank God, nor can they rid themselves of troublesome preachers the way the Empress Eudoxia did St John Chrysostom but they are in opposition to the influence of the Church just the same. They don't mind the Church when it agrees with their agenda but when it doesn't their true colors are displayed

And our elites want to shut the Church up, keep her out of public discourse as this article on the sacking of a Catholic College professor makes abundantly clear. Indeed this professors true crime is heresy from secular orthodoxy.

The thing is when civilization collapsed in Western Europe the only institution that kept the light of learning going was the Church. The great Universities themselves were institutions founded by the Church. A forgotten detail as the lights of learning dim and scholarship becomes a mere parroting of the official party line.

A line you deviate from at your peril.

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