Monday, July 19, 2010

ZenTiger Of Mice and Men and Dirty Rats

Minto, McCarten and the Bradford spoke from under the armpit of a giant rat at their protest on Sunday.

That's a great look for the Unionists.  I think the rat fits in well and is probably a valued team member. I hope it gets above minimum wage, and a good health plan.

According to the Unite Union, the giant rat is the national rallying symbol against greedy employers in New Zealand, and first featured in protests against SkyTower back in 2008, where it twitched its whiskers against the big cheese of SkyCity, CEO Nigel Morrision.

"Nigel - don't be a rat and treat his your staff decently," was the message from Unite back then.

It was back again on the week-end to put a plague on the house of National.

There's no particular point to this post, I just liked the rat.

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MK said...

How about lowering the minimum wage, that way more businesses will hire more people because it's cheaper and then pay them more if they like their work. That way if you're a good worker your employer will pay you more to keep you otherwise you'll go elsewhere.

Then again one will have to move beyond stupid slogans and the unionists might have to get a real job. The horror!

Melva said...

I was listening to talk-back last night and heard a couple of employers who seemed to assume that employees instinctively game the system and don't earn their keep so to speak... so regulations need to be in place to make sure that employees are kept honest.

I wonder how many employees think the same in the other direction - that employers instinctively game the system and regulation is needed to keep them honest.

A little bit of trust both ways goes a great distance :)


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