Friday, July 15, 2011

Lucia We make our own reality, temptation to be as gods

Before I believed in the Holy Trinity and the Church, I used to believe that we made our own reality. That reality conformed to how we thought it should be. Now I realise that this way of thinking, as unique as it seemed at the time, is an age old temptation that at it's heart (if it had one) is one the devil's weapons against our search for truth and pull towards God. We would be like gods ...

Now George Weigel, in his opinion piece on the attempted redefinition of marriage in the States, ties in this temptation to redefine reality into totallitarian systems, thus showing his readers that what I thought was a unique way of thinking is infecting many in governance.

...modern totalitarian systems were, at bottom, attempts to remake reality by redefining reality and remaking human beings in the process. Coercive state power was essential to this process, because reality doesn’t yield easily to remaking, and neither do people. In the lands Communism tried to remake, the human instinct for justice — justice that is rooted in reality rather than ephemeral opinion — was too strong to change the way tastemakers change fashions in the arts. Men and women had to be coerced into accepting, however sullenly, the Communist New Order, which was a new metaphysical, epistemological, and moral order — a New Order of reality, a new set of “truths,” and a new way of living “in harmony with society,” as late-bureaucratic Communist claptrap had it.

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