Thursday, July 28, 2011

Andrei Ivory tower idiots

Tanya Tagaq
Who looks mighty fine just the way she was made
So I'm grumpy today, haunted by my earlier post when I come upon a presser titled "Liggins Institute "Losing the war against obesity".

And in our part of the world obesity is an obsession of the ruling class. Being protected in their nice environs with comfortable incomes they remain oblivious to the reality that most people buy the food they can afford, not the food the ivory tower believes they should be eating and who also believe that they should be controlling by policy and regulation.

Anyway this press release is about a paper urging developing nations to tackle their up coming "obesity epidemic". The authors recognize obesity is multi-factoral but of course there is this
Economic transition towards affluence gives many developing countries greater access to refined foods which offer lower nutritional value but are cheaper than high quality fresh foods.
At which point I get extremely angry and so should you
(1) Refined Foods which are cheaper also mean more people get to eat
(2) Refined Foods also mean people do not get food born diseases - like Tuberculosis, Trichinosis and all the charming forms of food poisoning which we rarely see because we eat processed foods.

Really for all this empty headed blather about our fricken diets the life expectancy in this country has just about doubled since 1900 and a great deal of that has to do with refined foods

Now some people are predisposed to heaviness as Tanya Tagaq pictured. She would definitely be considered overweight by Southern Californian standards and quite possibly obese by the ninnies in the Department of Health who define such things - but she is the way she is because she is an Inuit and she and her ancestors have lived well above the Arctic circle for yonks. And her body shape is about lowering the surface area of her skin in proportion to the rest of her to help conserve her body heat.

As she ages this may well have health implications for her as aging does for everyone in different ways - depending on genetics and life style. C'est la vie.
And how she manages that will be unique to her and up to her.

Setting up bureaucrats to control what people eat will not change that one iota.

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James said...

What say you to THIS claim my guilt ridden friends..?

Atheists have 'better sex lives than followers of religion who are plagued with guilt'

Andrei said...

I'd say slow news day mon ami

Anonymous said...

Andrei is being polite.

Firstly, I would say bollix James.

And secondly, I am not guilt ridden for the precise reason that I am FORGIVEN.

James said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
ZenTiger said...

"My guilt ridden friends" ?

Do you have a little imp dressed in a white suit, who sits on your shoulder shouting "the plane, the plane" ?

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