Friday, July 29, 2011

Andrei "Modernizing" our adoption laws

They are 56 years out of date apparently
Same-sex and de-facto couples weren't able to adopt, birth mothers weren't fully informed of their rights and people up to the age of 20 could be adopted without their consent under the current law
Yeah yeah
"You're dealing with a law that refers to values present in the post war era - 1955 was a different world," he said.

"They reflect a time in our history when the parents of a child born out of wedlock were viewed as immoral and their children deemed illegitimate.
Well they were.
"Bad adoptions have resulted in a lot of pain and suffering to birth mothers, adopted children and people wanting to adopt a child," Ludbrook said.
Well no kidding - why do you think society disapproved of children being born out of wedlock Mr Ludlow?

Not because back then people were bigots but because bearing children out of wedlock "resulted in a lot of pain and suffering to birth mothers, adopted children".

And my friend back then there were not stories on a daily basis of children dying at the hands of their mother's latest boyfriend.

Allowing Gays to adopt will not fix a thing in this regard and quite possibly will make it worse.

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