Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Andrei Got 'im

It was inevitable I suppose. From the moment poor old Alisdair uttered his unfortunate truth in the debate over the supposed gender gap in pay rates he was doomed.

He should have avoided talking biology and just spouted pre-prepared, vapid talking points the way the empty headed chattering class do.

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Lucia Maria said...

Fortunately we haven't regressed to burning heretics once more, otherwise Alisdair would be in real trouble!

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

You're both on the wrong track.

It was his appalling handling of a TV interview and his even worse behaviour in a Washington DC restaurant which rendered him no longer able to perform his duties.

Lucia Maria said...


Haven't heard about the resturant behaviour at all. The talking heads on the radio just go on and on about the comments about women's periods. That's where all the outrage has been focused.

Andrei said...

the restaurant thing is hearsay about an incident alleged to have occurred 3 years ago and given to the NZ Herald by an unnamed source. And something that has been neither confirmed nor denied by the other parties supposedly present.

That is not to say it didn't happen but given the provenance and the circumstances of its revelation I'd treat it with the merit it deserves which is very little. In other words just another anonymous item in a whispering campaign.

Lucia Maria said...

Looks like there is strong support for Alisdair. Could this be yet another case of the elites being out of touch?

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